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14 October 2009 @ 07:10 pm
seeking one hot nazi who likes abuse.  
me: i really wanted to be lady indy this year.
me: alas...
me: it will have to wait.

bronson: i can just imagine you with a greasepaint jaw
me: no way!
bronson: or whatever that stuff is they use to give the impression of manly blue stubble

me: i plan on fucking going balls out with it.

bronson: ...
bronson: so, like, actual balls?
bronson: that does not fit with the idea of lady indy, kristin.
bronson: oooh
bronson: you should hire some dudes to dress up as nazis

me: boots, skirt, whip, gun belt with s&w hand ejector ii, whip holder on belt, hat, dirty ass shirt with one sleeve torn off, satchel.
me: OH GOD

bronson: carrying a valuable artifact to a secluded location without much skill

me: i hope i am dating someone or have a guy friend next year who will dress up as a nazi and let me abuse him all night.

bronson: hells yeah.

me: fuck. that would be my favorite night ever.
me: the only way that could be better is if 1984 harrison ford was abusing MY nazi.
me: with his penis.

bronson: hahahahahahaha
bronson: you made stuff come outta my nose
bronson: and i'm not even drinking anything

me: i hope you lol'ed. cause i did.

bronson: it was just snot
bronson: oh yeah i lol'ed

me: fuck yeah.